awareness at mauerpark

For a sensitive approach to (sexualised) violence and discrimination in public spaces by Initiative Awareness e.V. in cooperation with Freunde des Mauerparks e.V.


The pilot project in June 2023 aims to establish the concept of awareness work in public spaces, specifically in Mauerpark in Berlin. Through mediation and support work in cases of discrimination and (sexualised) violence, Mauerpark is to be made more pleasant for everyone.

By establishing an awareness team in Mauerpark, the subjective feeling of security of groups of people affected by discrimination is strengthened.
This happens because the awareness team serves as a point of contact and information that can both help directly and refer to other support structures. Young people in particular are also to be informed about drug use and safer use in order to carry out prevention work or to refer them to counselling centres if necessary.

The awareness team will be present, listen, mediate, look for individual solutions together and refer to further services. In this way, Mauerpark can become a place that continues to be accessible to the public and at the same time offers a space with increased safety for more people.